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              KASH Mortgage Group Realtor Portal

Welcome to the KASH Mortgage Group Realtor Portal.  Here you can find the status of your clients loans, submit documents, and any pertinent information to your clients loans. We value you and sincerely thank you for trust us with your clients.


Client Name
Appraisal Ordered
Appraisal Returned
Title Ordered
Recieved All Docs
Scheduled To Close
Loan Is Funded
Joe Smith
Your Customized Marketing Plan:

We love our realtors and make every effort to make your job as seamless as possible.   Below you will find a customized marketing plan for your and your clients.  Please contact Sarah Luster at our home office or at for any updates to your marketing plan.

Open House Flyer

KASH Partners with ??? Flyer


Your Marketing Videos:

Sometimes clients like that personal touch.  You can use our videos for your own business or to help your clients along in the process.  Is there something you'd like to see here?  Contact Sarah Luster at the home office or

What Else Can KASH Offer You?

We strive to go the extra mile.  KASH offers our realtors information on other services in industry that we can educate our realtors - or even take the extra steps to take these processes off of your hands.  Click on any of the PDF's below to get more information.

Social Media Marketing

Customized Client Statistics

Customized Marketing Plans

CRM Marketing (Email, SMS, etc)

We Thank You!

Without our valued realtors we would not be where we are today!  Please call us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions on how we can help YOU in the future. 

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