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KASH Mortgage Group - Refinance

Are you considering refinancing your current home loan?

There can be many advantages to refinancing your current loan, and there are many home refinance options available.  KASH Mortgage Group provides advantages and benefits that a typical bank is generally unable to provide. 

As a mortgage banker, we are able to provide many home refinance options which broadens your options by offering multiple different options rather than a singular option that may be provided by your local bank.  We will work tirelessly to obtain the lowest possible home refinance rates and the plan options that may fit your needs.   This is our commitment to you, to find you the best possible option. 


There are many reasons you may be considering a home refinance.  Such as lowering your monthly payments, reducing your current interest rate, paying off your mortgage sooner, converting an adjustable interest rate to a fixed interest rate, or potentially taking cash out from your homes equity.  For any or all of the reasons, call us today and speak to one of our qualified loan officers to get the process started for you.

KASH Mortgage Group's refinance specialists will walk you through each of your questions and provide you with the current marketplace conditions.  We can assist you in uncovering solutions that you may not have been aware of.  It is our job to find you an optimal solution for your home refinancing needs.  Let us run the numbers for you today. 


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