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Home Equity

KASH Mortgage Group - Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan might be a good option to tap into your homes value.  You've worked hard to maintain your home and maybe even update it over the years. 


Home equity loans are secured by your home's equity, you pay a fixed monthly payment just like you do with your current mortgage.  The amount you can borrow for a home equity loan is based on how much you warn, your credit worthiness, and the market value of your home.  Generally the maximum amount you can borrow is limited to 85% of the equity of your home. 

KASH Mortgage Group can help you with home equity financing.  We will work with several banks to give you the best home equity loan proposal possible.  Finding the best interest rate saves you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your loan.  Call us today to discuss if a home equity loan may be an good option for your home loan needs. 

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