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    KASH Mortgage Group - Privacy Statement

KASH Mortgage Group Privacy Statement

At KASH Mortgage Group, your privacy has always been important to us. We understand how important your privacy is to you, and we believe protecting your personal information is a fundamental part of doing business. That’s why we take steps to ensure:

  • We restrict employee access to certain levels of need to know. 

  • We maintain strict cyber security at all of our office locations as well as physical security safeguards to keep your information secure. 

  • We comply with all Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Kentucky, and federal laws that apply to us.

Categories of Information We Collect

We will collect your name, address, age, and other relevant information, including but not limited to your finances, creditworthiness, employment, social security number, income information, account balances, payment history, credit history, and credit scores.  For more information we collect please see our mortgage application page.

How We Collect Your Information

We get your personal information mostly from you. We may also use outside sources to help make sure our records are correct and complete. These sources may include consumer reporting agencies, employers, other financial institutions, and others.

How We Use Your Information

We collect your personal information to help us determine if you are eligible for our products or services. We may also need it to verify identities to help deter fraud, money laundering, or other crimes. We may also use our information to administer your products and services, process your transactions, perform business research, confirm or correct your information, market new products to you, help us run our business, comply with applicable laws, or perform other functions.

How We Share Your Information with Others

We will share your information with your consent to qualified individuals who deem the information necessary to provide you a loan offer.  We will never sell or give your information to any third-party sources without your explicit consent. 


If you have any questions, please contact us at 724.799.8075 and speak with a  KASH Mortgage Group team member.

We may revise this Privacy Statement and our Privacy Notice. If we make any material changes, we will notify you as required by law.




KASH Mortgage Group is licensed in the following states: 

Pennsylvania NMLS:  135952
Kentucky NMLS:  135952

KASH Mortgage Group is Licensed by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance:

New Jersey NMLS:  135952

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