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KASH Mortgage Group Offers The Following Loan Products: 
At Kash Mortgage Group, we are always working and always open to help our valued borrowers and real estate partners.  Feel free to contact us at any point so that we can help you including weekends and holidays! Home buying doesn't have a traditional 9 - 5 and neither do we.
    KASH Mortgage Group - Mortgages Made Simple

Refinancing your mortgage loan can reduce your monthly payment and free up income for other expenses by reducing your current interest rate.  We offer the most aggressive interest rates to our clients in order to help them achieve their financial goals.

If you're buying your first home or refinancing your current home, we offer several home loan products such as conventional home loans, FHA loans, VA loans, New Home Construction Loans, Home Refinancing, Home Equity Loans, and several other products.  Check out our website or call us today to inquire about products.

Take advantage of your homes equity to pay off high intrest credit cards, do home improvements, pay college tuition, or simply lower your current mortgage interest rate.  Your home is your most valuable asset.

If you are a realtor and you don’t use KASH Mortgage Group Inc you are missing out on many advantages. We are experts in mortgage lending. We educate your clients on the mortgage process. We also want our realtor partners to be successful and offer to help co-market through a host of marketing and advertising avenues.

 What Other Borrowers Have To Say About Us

Thank You Nicole!

I have worked with Kurt and the team of Kash Mortgage at least 5 times for purchasing and refinancing my homes. Kurt makes each process simple and seamless. I am always amazed at their efficiency, professionalism and prompt response to any communication.

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